Kano Infotech has years of experience working with online retailers and Magento. We can help you design your Magento site and create fully customized modules and extensions to work with the most complex business needs. We have multiple Magento Developers. We know Magento’s complex development methods. No business need is too custom for us.

How It Works

Kano Infotech begins all Magento design projects with a discovery process where we learn about your unique business, your goals, and your competition. We’ll look at the whole market and apply best practices to form a solution that will meet your specific needs.

Our professional graphic designers will create one or more web design concepts using everything we’ve learned about your business. You’ll offer feedback and we’ll finalize your design before creating the rest of your site.

We create W3C compliant and search optimized templates for Magento plug-and-play implementation – then – we stick around and provide any assistance you might need before and after launch.

Custom Magento Development

Nearly all our revenue comes from online retailers. For the past 6+ years, we have focused on increasing conversion rates for ecommerce clients. If your store has specific business requirements that make Magento the right fit – we can help you integrate with 3d-party ERP systems, marketplaces, fulfillment systems, or create simple solutions to complex functional requirements. Of course, we can also provide you full custom Magento design and theming for your site.

Our Magento development services include:

  • ERP Integration:
  • We can integrate & synchronize Magento with your 3rd-party ERP system or in-house systems.

  • Data Import & Management:
  • We can import existing customer and product data from other ecommerce systems or applications.

  • Payment Gateways:
  • We can meet custom payment needs not already supported (like off-shore banks) with secure custom gateways.

  • Marketplace Integration:
  • We can integrate you products, orders, and customers with Amazon, eBay,, Rakuten, and more.

  • Performance Optimization:
  • Magento needs continual optimization and management to run fast. We’ve optimized sites with millions or records.

  • CRM Integration:
  • We can help you integrate Magento with CRM systems like Infusion soft,, and even in-house systems.

  • Magento SEO:
  • With so many years’ experience in ecommerce, we can employ best-practice SEO on your templates and product content.

  • Magento Architecture:
  • Magento is a complex beast in large-scale operational use. We can help you make sense of the best architecture for your business.

  • Hosting and Data Consulting:
  • One server, two servers? Load balancing with dedicated SQL server? We can help you design your hosting and data infrastructure needs.

  • SLA Support and Monitoring:
  • We offer 24x7x365 support SLAs and advanced application layer monitoring.

  • Enterprise or Community Editions:
  • Not sure if you need to spring for an EE license? We can help you figure that out and work with both platforms.

  • Custom Development:
  • Don’t see what you need here? We can design custom solutions to meet the most complex business needs.

Magento Extension Marketplace

Kano Infotech has developed over 50 extensions for sale on our marketplace. Our powerful and high-quality Magento extensions range from payment gateways to SEO to social media integration.

All our Magento extensions have been developed in accordance with Magento standards and can be installed even on highly customized stores and are compatible with the Magento CE versions 1.5 to 1.9 and Magento EE 1.13 and up.