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KANO Infotech is a Software Company in which has specialization in hospital management software, digital marketing and Website management. Subsequently, achieving a fine exposure in its marketing venture Kano is launching a new product named as KANO UPCHAR.

Our Software Modules

Kano Appointment Management

Appointment Management

Online Appointment fetaure provides the facility to patient to book their appointment online.

OPD Management

OPD  is a wing of the hospital where the patient can seek consultation with a general physician .

IPD Management

An  IPD is a unit of a hospital or a healthcare facility where patients are admitted for medical conditions .

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy module is for managing medicines stock, selling and generating medicine bill.

Pathology Management

Pathology helps doctors diagnose and treat patients correctly.Dashboard is very simple to use.

Radiology Management

Radiology is useful in several operations such as CT scan, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, etc required during diagnosis.

Blood Bank Management

The hospital blood bank is responsible for management of the hospital’s blood stock with inventory for each blood group.

Ambulance Management

Ambulance module is for managing ambulance vehicles and ambulance calls for patient travelling.

Medical Record

Provision to create MRD File Requester master.And all types of Medical report available at single click.

H R Management

The main function of the human resource is to make necessary staff arrangements, maintain staff attendance for the hospital.

Referral Management

Most often, patients get referral to see a specialist from their primary care physician or from a doctor at a hospital.

TPA Management

TPA module is for managing third party administrator or Mediclaim insurance provider companies.

Finance Management

In Kano Upchar there is a feature of centralized billing so that you can see any types of billing on one place.

Inventory Management

Inventory Module is used to maintain entire Inventory record including hospital uniforms, bill book and many more. 

All Reporting Management

Here you can see Daily Transaction details like Date, Total Transaction, Online, Offline, Amount and Collection List.

Software Features


KANO UPCHAR is a Hospital Management System (HMS) which is comprehensive enterprise-wide software that covers all aspects of management and operations of small, medium and large hospitals.Kano Infotech provides best Hospital Management Software . It enables healthcare providers to improve the operational effectiveness, reduce costs, reduce medical errors and enhance delivery of quality of care.

“Kano Upchar software helps deliver superior healthcare delivery for doctors, clinics and hospitals.”

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Software Features

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“IPD is fully managed by Kano Upchar. Appointments and Queue management works very well, and it has made administration very efficient and easy.”

Rainbow Children Hospital

“Kano Upchar is simple, and easy to use. All patient history is in one place which helps a lot. The team is very responsive, and I highly recommend them.”

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Grand Sqaure

“Kano Upchar system has proven to be very useful and has really improved the services in my hospital. I highly appreciate. I highly recommend it.”

Baba Clinic